Worksite Wellness

Research proves the benefits of worksite wellness: increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, lower health care costs, better employee engagement.

There are many types of worksite wellness programs. Which is best for your organization? We can help you:

  • assess the options
  • decide which is best for you
  • steer you towards best practices
  • help you avoid the pitfalls
  • identify wellness resources inside and outside your organization
  • provide fun, engaging training for your employees.

Our well-being workshops include:

To get started, contact Makana at 808-282-2743 or Makana (at)

Makana is the author of the popular book Mindful Multitasking: Timeless Techniques for a Vibrant Mind, Strong Body, Happy Heart, and Light Spirit. She has presented programs on work-life balance, stress reduction, well-being and change management to the Hawai’i Department of Education, the County of Hawai’i, Honolulu Community Action Program, Hawai’i Book and Music Festival, Hawai’i AARP, American Association of Orthodontists, Association of General Contractors, Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (Australia), Independent Community Bankers Association, Western Textile Services Association, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, California Independent Grocers Association, US Navy Pearl Harbor Center for Excellence, Soroptimist International, and Student & Youth Travel Association.

As an attorney and Silicon Valley business owner, her wellness journey started when she had one of those life-changing moments that begins in the hospital. The cardiologist said, “Change your life, or else.” In order to learn how to reduce her stress and manage change, she entered the Hans Selye Foundation’s Canadian Institute of Stress and became a certified stress and wellness consultant, specializing in stress reduction, change management, and work-life balance.

She also became a licensed massage therapist, and a certified yoga, meditation and Pilates instructor, and taught yoga and Pilates four times a week for 8 years.

Recent research has shown that a great source of stress for many people is the anger that comes from holding grudges. Makana studied with and is certified by Fred Luskin, Ph.D., the founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Project.

Read articles written by Makana on well-being and stress reduction, change management, forgiveness, yoga and meditation. Her book can be ordered in quantity from her for your group, or on Amazon.