Inspirational Hawaiian Speakers

The participants left inspired and motivated to start using the techniques to become more effective and engaged in their work. Irene Okamura, County of Hawai’i

Make your meeting memorable with our “Only in Hawaii” speakers, emcees, facilitators, and Hawaiian cultural guides for team-building and journeys. Specializing in the unique perspectives of the Native Hawaiian culture on work and life, our programs focusing on bottom-line results deliver ROI for business audiences, while our relaxation workshops are ideal for incentive and spouse/partner programs. Every program delivers a Hawaiian perspective with universal appeal.

    • Keynote Presentations: In 45 to 90 minutes, our speakers will captivate your group with stories, humor and examples you can apply immediately.
    • Workshops: In our hands-on, interactive workshops, you will be guided in exploring for yourself how Hawaiian perspectives can work in your workplace. Our topics cover everything from business and professional development to Hawaiian cultural workshops including hula and lomilomi massage.
    • Activities: Walking or bus tours of historic and cultural sites, spas, shopping, music venues and more. Ocean journeys in Hawaiian canoes.
    • Consulting: We partner with organizations seeking a strategic advantage by incorporating Hawaiian values in daily operations.
    • Coaching: We work with top executives one-on-one to achieve mental, emotional, physical and inspirational breakthroughs.
    • Gifts: We have the perfect mementos for your group to remember Hawai’i and their unique experiences here.

Our group of speakers, emcees, workshop facilitators and cultural guides specializes in the unique perspectives of the traditional Native Hawaiian culture as it applies in today’s world. We make your meeting memorable, because it reflects the unique spirit of this special place. Call us at 808-282-2743 or contact us.

“Ramsay is the best presenter on Native Hawaiian values of anyone I’ve seen in my 14 years here – ‘Ted Talk’ quality. He is outstanding – as a presenter and as a Native Hawaiian Practitioner.”  Professor John Webster, Chaminade University 


Our presenters include:

  • An award-winning musician who exudes aloha spirit. In a 10 minute conference opening he has audiences laughing, greeting each other, singing and maybe even crying. An entertaining emcee, he’ll have your group looking forward to his introductions and banter.
  • A business consultant who can start your meeting with a traditional chant and protocol, then speak to how aloha is essential for any business anywhere, the true meaning of Hawai’i, and how it relates to your everyday experience.
  • Young musicians who bring their love of all types of music to walking and bus tours of the places only the locals know. They provide a pdf that attendees can download to their phones to have instant access when they’re out on the town.
  • An author and traditional practitioner who together introduce audiences to the ancient Hawaiian traditional massage of lomilomi. Groups can listen and see a multi-media presentation, learn to give lomilomi to each other, and take a walking tour of the hidden spas in the area.

    Hands-on workshops

  • A professor of business who grew up in the family business and shares his research on what works — and what doesn’t — in all companies, with the unique perspective of someone who has lived and worked in both Hawai’i and on the continent.
  • Hawaiian historians who give interactive walking tours with vivid stories about events of the past 200 years, to make this special place come alive for your group.
  • World-renowned teachers of hula who share their love of this ancient art by teaching your people to understand the words, the deeper meaning, the movements, and the feeling of the dance.

Manly really connected with the staff and we would like to continue the relationship.

Contact us to find the perfect speaker or activity for your event. Call us at 808-282-2743.