Hula workshops

Have you ever seen a lu’au where hapless tourists are dragged on stage to “learn” hula while being laughed at by the audience? Real hula is not a joke at someone’s expense. Learning it can be fun and inspiring, if it is done in a meaningful way.

In our interactive classes of an hour or more, participants learn the true meaning of hula as they practice the steps. From the deeper meaning of the words of the song, the language of the hands and hips, the story behind this ancient practice becomes real. Along the way, life lessons are learned of flexibility, adaptability, perseverance, and not taking oneself too seriously. Yes you will laugh, you will get more exercise than you thought possible in street clothes, and you will be touched by this immersive experience.

Our teachers have experience instructing students from many cultures all over the world. No matter what your experience or interest in hula, by the end, you will be transformed.

To chat about the benefits to your group of our hula workshops, please call 808-282-2743 or contact us.