Instructional Design Services

We provide instructional design services, specializing in creating compliance and operations programs that are memorable, engaging and fun.

You understand the challenges and opportunities we face.  Being very personable carries into your work and you’re able to adjust and customize your approach so that we are more effective as individuals which translates into us being a more effective organization! Thank you.


  • Increase ROI
  • Make learning engaging, fun, memorable, impactful
  • Integrate training with overall talent management
  • Improve retention of material
  • Change behavior on the job
  • Meet business goals



  • determine business goals
  • identify performance gaps
  • observe current courses
  • select course evaluation method (levels 1-4)


  • write learning objectives
  • structure to maximize adult learning
  • select instructional methods
  • create job aids to include in course
  • construct lesson and course outlines


  • create games, exercises
  • build custom case studies, scenarios
  • develop slide deck, participant guide, facilitator guide
  • train-the-trainers
  • observe pilot test and implement revisions


Our client’s environmental scientists gave lectures filled with numbers and legal standards that operators found difficult to remember. We suggested that Environment work with Operations to develop a job aid. We then built games and case studies based on incident reports that learners answered in class using the job aid. Result: fun classes, improved retention, increased compliance. Side effect: As a result of operators and scientists creating the job aid together, they developed a more collaborative relationship which improved response times and report quality.

Makana Risser Chai has 20+ years of experience designing and developing courses, with a specialty in making compliance training engaging, memorable and fun.

Contact Makana at 808-282-2743 or Makana (at)