Makana Risser Chai Training Virtual and Onsite Training

What do you get when you combine an employment lawyer with a certified speaking professional, well-being coach, and improv performer? Virtual and in-person training like you’ve never seen before!

“Fabulous! One of the BEST virtual learning experiences… I almost cried a few times. Your powerful storytelling was artfully complemented with your beautiful slides. Points were succinct. You spoke with a soft voice. Acknowledged everyone. Engaged people via poll, chat, breakout session, conversation, stand up exercise, motioning with hands, humor … wow.”

Ai Tanaka, Senior Consultant, Continuous Improvement, Organizational Development & Effectiveness

Contact me at (808) 282-2743 or Makana (at) 

“The participants left inspired and motivated to start using the techniques to become more effective and engaged in their work.” Irene Okamura, County of Hawaii

Sexual Harassment Prevention/Respectful Workspaces/Unconscious Bias
“I have worked in HR for many, many years, so I am familiar with this subject, but you talked about this in one of the best ways I’ve heard yet.” George Ann Skandis – Training for managers and employees that’s memorable and engaging–that’s why Makana has presented 1,000+ programs for Fortune 500, medium companies, small businesses, government and non-profits in 37 states and Hawaii.  More

MINDFUL MULTITASKING: Timeless Techniques for a Vibrant Mind, Strong Body, Happy Heart, and Light Spirit

Well-being and Work-Life Balance
Author of the popular book, MINDFUL MULTITASKING, Makana Risser Chai is a Hawaii massage therapist, forgiveness facilitator, certified wellness consultant, and teacher of yoga, meditation and Pilates. Her programs have helped people in local companies and national and international associations to reduce stress, manage change, and enjoy life.  More…

Instructional Design and Facilitation Skills

Recognized by the National Speakers Association as one of the top professional speakers in the country, Makana Risser Chai has trained and coached hundreds of speakers, executives, lawyers and other professionals who need to communicate dry information in a compelling way. More…

Hawaiian Traditions

What can we learn from the people of ancient Hawaii to achieve success in business and life with peace of mind? Makana Risser Chai works with a group of native Hawaiian speakers and cultural practitioners who bring a unique perspective to any meeting. More…  Author of a book on Hawaiian healing from the Bishop Museum, Makana shares sage advice from Hawaiian elders of the past and present, and techniques you can use. “Makana conveys a genuine warmth and aloha for Hawaiian culture and its people.” More…

Contact Makana at 808-282-2743 or Makana (at)