Forgiveness & Difficult People

Traditionally, Hawaiian healers gather here to practice ho'oponopono forgiveness

Traditionally, Hawaiian healers who practice ho’oponopono or forgiveness gather at this place on Hawai’i island

“I am grateful for everything I learned about myself and coping with difficult people.” –  Special Education Teacher

Dealing with Difficult Customers & Colleagues with Forgiveness

When people are difficult, our natural reaction is anger and resentment. But if your employees have resentment towards your customers, their bosses, or each other–even unconsciously–it can result in everything from miscommunication to conflict to sabotage. Holding grudges also has been proven by medical research to cause poor health, resulting in more sick days, lost productivity, and higher medical costs to employers.

Typical advice for working with difficult people is to figure out why they are difficult, based on what “type” of people they are, and then use various strategies to deal with the different types. That approach is useful in some situations, but it might not be easy to figure out what type of person an upset customer is, especially while they are yelling at us.

Science has now proven that we can learn how to forgive, and that when we do, we show measurable improvement in our physical, emotional and mental health. When we forgive, we become calm. When we are calm, we are able to think clearly and respond appropriately. It also seems that our feeling of calm affects others, and they may relax, too. Forgiveness does not mean condoning the conduct, and no one needs to know that we have forgiven them. Forgiveness simply makes us feel better.

In this highly interactive workshop, Makana shares a method for dealing with difficult customers and colleagues developed by Dr. Fred Luskin of the Stanford Forgiveness Project and used successfully by thousands of people all over the world. Makana also brings in the Hawaiian tradition of forgiveness, called ho’oponopono. And she uses humor, stories and interaction to make it memorable, practical and fun.

In this workshop you will learn and practice the nine steps to forgiveness. You will work by yourself, with a partner, and in small groups, with time for silent reflection in nature.

“Enlightening – Useful in personal or work scenario.” Administrator

Certified by Dr. Luskin, Makana has presented this topic for employees of the state Department of Education, County of Hawai’i, Unity Church of Hawai’i, and the Hawai’i Children’s Trust Fund for providers of child abuse prevention services.

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