Sexual Harassment Training

 “Understands us and easy to understand. Great listener.”

“Fast paced. Interesting real world examples that made it real.”

Avoid bad publicity. Keep key employees. Reduce turnover. Prevent lawsuits. These are just some of the benefits of preventing sexual harassment.

At the end of this 3-hour session, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the causes of harassment, retaliation, and workplace bullying
  • Explain why most harassment is unintentional
  • Indicate why victims sometimes don’t complain
  • Identify the legal definition of harassment
  • Analyze your organization’s policy and procedure
  • Explain why company policy sets a higher standard than the law
  • Apply the law and policy to specific situations
  • Recognize the manager’s duty to prevent and respond
  • State legal and policy remedies available to victims
  • Relate harassment law to the Aloha Spirit
  • Recognize their blind spots
  • Define whether their personal values set the highest standard of behavior
  • Discuss their values, and listen to others with respect
  • Plan how they will create a respectful workplace

Who should attend: Executives, managers, supervisors, and all employees.

Format: Highly interactive, with stories, case studies, appropriate humor, skill-building exercises, and small group discussions based on short video vignettes showing gray areas of harassment. Lots of time to ask questions. Participants are fully engaged to ensure learning and practical application back on the job.

Hawai‘i attorney R. Makana Risser Chai has 20+ years training everyone from the CEO to entry-level in more than 1000 prevention trainings in banks, credit unions, and companies like Hawai‘i Gas, DuPont, and Blue Cross. Author of the Prentice Hall book, Stay Out of Court! The Manager’s Guide to Preventing Employee Lawsuits, she knows the practicalities of putting law into practice. She has found most men’s hearts are in the right place–but sometimes their brains are not. That’s why they need training.

To find out more about training, call 808-282-2743 or email Makana (at)

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